Computer Networking (LAN, WLAN, WAN)

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Computer Network Installations

Network cabling is one of the more complicated parts of your IT infrastructure. Does your network currently look like spaghetti junction? You need a network installation specialist. We offer professional telephone and network cabling installations. We will save you time and money with our efficient, cost-effective network installation services.

Our network installation technicians are highly qualified and have many years of experience in residential and corporate network installations. We offer a competitive advantage and a collaborative partnership with a proactive, motivated team. We have many years of experience and our reliability and support are second to none. We respond quickly to requests.

 We also do network installations of critical network components after-hours in order to minimize the impact of the network installation on your staff and productivity.  We repair problems with current network installations using network testing tools that allow us to quickly and efficiently pinpoint faulty cabling in your current infrastructure.  Look no further than Amekom Systems for your next Networking Installation or Fibre Installation.