Intercom and PABX Systems


Telephone systems have a greater role in the success of a business. Communication has witnessed drastic changes. These systems bring lot of benefits to the enterprises including reduced call rates, customer satisfaction, low bandwidth utilization, enhance productivity and many. When it comes to the business telephone systems, choosing the best is a bit complex job. Amekom Systems has a team of qualify technician in developing quality telephone solutions.

 Know Who Is At The Door Before You Open It(Video Intercomn)

You can safely identify a visitor before opening your door. When the doorbell rings, the unit will transmit audio & video to a monitor inside your home. Feeling safe and secure within the home is important to all single or multi-family residences. Amekom Systems offers a range of audio/video intercom systems. Dependable communication between different areas of your home and offices is key to security and for increased peace of mind.

Screen Visitors

Residential applications included screening visitors before allowing access into the home, communicating the specific needs of the visitor. Our systems provide convenience to families by placing master stations in the most used areas of the home.

No Longer Open to Strangers

Having a video intercom system can make you feel secure when a stranger ring your doorbell. Your children can see & communicate who is at the door WITHOUT having to unlock the door, preventing unauthorized access.